Seamlessly measure hand hygiene activity in real time across your orgasiation to give a true picture of healthcare-associated infection risk.

Five key components of Hy-genie

Modified ID badge holders
Healthcare workers wear their staff ID badge in a Hy-genie badge holder which detects when they use a soap or gel dispenser 

Soap and gel dispenser sensors
Hy-genie pickup sensors are installed underneath each soap and gel dispenser in the unit or organisation

Base station
Holds and transmits data securely

Organisational dashboard
Allows infection prevention and control (IPC) teams to track hand hygiene activity across the organisation, by staff group and location

Data analysis and reports sent to IPC teams giving a true picture of HCAI risk

Smart algorithms calculate organisational hand hygiene compliance

Personalised hand hygiene reports direct to healthcare workers
Performance reports sent directly to individual staff members at weekly or monthly intervals



Base Station

Our academic team published a financial model that demonstrated that increasing hand hygiene activity could reduce healthcare-associated infections by 20%.

This could save a typical 600 bed hospital up to £32.8m per year.